People really do some crazy things in public places sometimes and retail stores are no exception. In my experience, sometimes the retail atmosphere even brings out the worst in people. Having worked at a local retail store I have seen some pretty crazy things, from breakdowns to thieves.

In one particular instance we had a woman browsing around the furniture in front of the electronics department I was working in. She was holding a baby that couldn’t have even been a year old. After a few minutes of browsing the baby started crying and the mother retaliates by yelling back in the infant’s face.

As intense as that sounds, what comes next is what is truly appalling. After about two minutes of the baby crying, the mother screams, “I give up,” and sets the baby down in the aisle in front of my department as storms off. So, now we have a screaming baby laying on the cold floor, out in the open... Did I mention crying?

I asked one of the girls in the department to watch the baby while I called management. Nobody wanted to pick up the baby due to potential legal backlash. Management got there about two minutes later and everyone began a discussion about what to do.

After a couple minutes of discussion the woman returned and snatched her child off the ground. With everyone standing around she did not acknowledge anyone and simply looked the infant in the eyes and said “That’ll teach ya.”

After having left her baby on the floor in a retail store for six or seven minutes she took the baby and left without saying anything to anyone. I wanted to call child services and would have if it were my choice.