Illinois has seen an increase in people begging for donations due in part to a federal court decision lifting a panhandling ban. There's a different way you can help.

During your commute, I know you've likely encountered men, women, and even children, standing in the middle of busy intersections like Perryville Road and E. State Street in Rockford with signs asking for help.

You may have even rolled down your window and generously given someone some money to help. You didn't do the wrong thing by giving them your money, but the Rockford Rescue Mission would like for you to consider helping them another way.

The Rockford Rescue Mission's 'Get Help' Cards

The non-profit has made up Get Help Here cards that contain information about the services they provide, including meals, shelter, and spiritual guidance.

Rockford Rescue Mission
Rockford Rescue Mission

The Covid pandemic destroyed thousands of lives in many more ways than getting sick. Lost wages, lost jobs, lost hope. After just a few missed paychecks, many of us could very well run out of options and find ourselves on the street looking for food and shelter.

If your regular drive takes you past intersections with someone asking for help, please take a moment to get your hands on some of these cards to hand out.

There are three different ways to get some of these Get Help Here cards:

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