Kim Jagoe is the founder of A Simple Path. This Non Profit organization seeks to educate and equip the community’s homeless to be healthy and self-sufficient through food and nutrition training, as well as physical and spiritual nourishment. Kim is a trailblazer when it comes to helping the homeless in our community. She is also the founder of Adrienne's House, this city’s only walk in emergency shelter for women. Women who need to be at the shelter for a longer stay will be able to find their talents and work at A Simple Path’s Kitchen.

Kim also founded Resource Help Connection OWB which is a group created for all the organizations and families wanting to seek something they need to help someone, or post something they may have that they wish to donate to help someone. This will hopefully eliminate a large amount of phone calling, when you have someone in need of a specific service or item. Here, you can post needs and wants in the community of Owensboro, KY on behalf of people who are homeless and need help: Families, children, or individuals. If you know of a family, child, or individual that has a need, please post the need here. Hopefully another organization or individual can help you with your need. Also, feel free to post things that you or your organization has that might meet somebody else's need. Ex: Baby bed, clothing, transportation to workplace, mattresses, furniture, etc.


You can find out more information about the good news that is going on with the Homeless in our community on Shaped by Faith this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM @ 8:00 AM, Central Time Zone. You can click on this link and listen to the program anywhere!

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