The number of homeless Indiana military vets is on the rise, according to a new report.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority says that recent data indicates the state has experienced a 12 percent growth in homeless veterans, bringing the total to almost 745. Unfortunately, this spike has happened despite the availability of subsidy and voucher programs.

However, the IHCDA says that more assistance is coming, as five federal grants, totaling nearly $3.2 million, have been approved and will distributed to the necessary Indiana agencies.

In addition to these findings, the IHCDA has also uncovered the following results:

  • There are approximately 6,064 homeless people in Indiana. Nearly 690 of them are living in the streets, while about 5,400 are making use of shelters.
  • One in five (1,116) of the homeless community are women running from domestic abuse.
  • Over 500 report being chronically homeless.
  • Nearly 16 percent of homeless adults reported suffering from addiction.
  • About 13 percent of homeless adults say they suffer from mental illness.

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