So, you're thinking of catching up on some reading this summer? Well, you're not alone. has come out with its list of the most well-read cities in America. The website created its rankings by looking sales of books, magazines and newspapers in print and on the Kindle since January 1 of this year.

The study seems to confirm that the students at Harvard hit the books even when they're not hitting the books. Cambridge, Massachusetts -- home to Harvard and MIT -- topped the list, with Alexandria, Virginia pulling up in second place.

Cambridge also emerged as the top city for ordering nonfiction books, while Alexandria sure seems like it might be a nice place to raise a family because it led the way in most children's book ordered.

Florida was no slouch in the study. It had the most cities of any state in the top 20 with three, thanks to Miami, Gainesville and Orlando all dotting the list.

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