It was just about a year ago that a list of the most miserable cities in America and Evansville came in at number 8 on that list, which created all kinds of backlash here in the River City. So much backlash, the We Are Evansville movement began at the University of Southern Indiana that was out to prove how wrong that is. Organizers set out to show the world how great Evansville really is and how personally we took that designation, but guess what? We made the list AGAIN this year, but we are down to number 10, so, at least we are getting better about being more content.

The poll is called the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index and they measure the physical and emotional health of the residents in a particular city and also account for financial, employment and social indicators.

Evansville's 2012 median income was $44, 887, which is much less than the national median of $51,371. What really killed us in the survey was the fact 29% of Evansville respondents said they smoked last year and less than 60% ate healthy all day, both of which were the worst rates nationwide.

If these numbers are accurate, we have some work to do Evansville! Again, keep in mind that we dropped two full positions from last year's poll, so we are making progress, but being top ten for the second year in a row for the most miserable does not speak well of our motivation to get off that list. Our new goal should be to get ON the list of the most content.



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