How ugly can ugly get? Can a town really be considered ugly? If you believe this recent study, you'll see why this town in Illinois is considered one of the ugliest in America. put together a comprehensive list of the ugliest cities in America, and they featured a town in Illinois, and man, they didn't hold back.

Photo by Will Roberts on Unsplash
Photo by Will Roberts on Unsplash

First, in order to find the ugliest city in Illinois, used these metrics to influence their decision saying;

Whether it's from lack of maintenance or just poor design choices, these fifty spots are more than an eyesore. They may be great places to live, but these cities won't be winning beauty contests anytime soon!

That said, had its sights set on Riverdale, Illinois.

If the cookie-cutter run-down brown buildings aren’t enough to turn you away from the lackluster village, listen to the wise advice of a Riverdale native on Niche:

OK, so I decided to take a peek myself at Riverdale on Niche, and it's rated 3 out of 5 stars by reviewers.

There are definitely some negative reviews one of which mentions "Very terrible neighborhood and the property I live on is even worse. The neighbors can hear you talking vice versa. Apparently, mine are very malicious. Definitely want to move."

On the other hand, there's this:

Riverdale is a town full of amazing and kind people. I would love to see the reputation of the town change. Many may believe that the neighborhood is bad news, but there are so many connections you can make with the people who reside here.

I've never been to Riverdale so it's tough for me to say if it deserves the "ugly" moniker gave the village.

What do you think? Does Riverdale deserve this designation?

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