Most likely, you know Gretchen Ross as one of the smiling faces you see each morning on WEHT Eyewitness News. She and Jake Boswell, along with Ron Rhodes make up our favorite local morning news team. What you may not know is that Gretchen, in addition to being a veteran TV anchor, is also an accomplished actor. You'll have the chance to see that for yourself this weekend.

Gretchen is part of the Evansville Shakespeare Players, a group she helped get off the ground back in 2011. The first production they ever put on was The Tempest - since then they have performed a total of nine plays from Shakespeare. Now, in honor of their 10th show, the players will go back to where it all began with a special anniversary performance of The Tempest, on the lawn of Willard Library.

This is certainly a big deal for Gretchen and the rest of the cast, that's why we wanted to have her on the MY Morning Show, so we can hopefully help get the word out. Listen to our interview with Gretchen to learn more about the The Tempest and more about the group of actors. Plus, information on where, when and how you can watch the performance.

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