No matter what time of year, what holiday, what vacation, or what party we are having, my family loves to lay games. We love card games, board games, yard games, you name it, we love it. It's not about being, it's just about having fun.

Fun is always the ane of the game. On Thanksgiving, we always play charades. During the holidays, is my list of various Christmas games like Pass The Present (which is basically Musical Chairs with a present). And, when we camp, it's Yard Yahtzee, Giant Jenga, or cards on the picnic table. We are always in search of new games, too.

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When I saw this outdoor summer game, it reminded me of Field Day when I was in elementary school. We would have running races and other track-inspired events on the last day of school. we spent the whole day outside running around in the heat. Then, the teachers would break out the water balloons for a huge water balloon tournament. It was usually so hot that even if you lost by having the water balloon bust and or water all over you, you won. It was so fun, even the teachers got involved.

The game I saw on Facebook was on a camping group I belong to. All you need are balloons filled with water, a way to string the water balloons from a shelter beam, an open tent frame, or even a tree limb so that the ballons can swing around in the air, enough chairs for each player to sit in, and, I almost forgot) blindfolds for everyone. That's a very important detail.

Once everything is set up, each blindfolded person player sits in a chair and has to sway back and forth in their chair. While this is happening, someone (preferably not playing) lets the swinging balloon go. Whoever gets hit with the water balloon as it swings is out, another water balloon is attached to the rope or cord and another person is going to get wet. The winner is the last blindfolded person sitting in their chair who has remained dry with our getting hit by a swinging water balloon. It looks like so much fun.

I couldn't stop laughing as I watched the game and I wasn't even playing. Now, get your water balloons, blindfolds, and friends together to laugh your butts off.


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