You've likely heard the "don't try this at home" disclaimer before and that's definitely the case with what I have found to share with you. It's video of a bald eagle that a family rescued in their backyard.

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The video description on this one was quick to point out that Nikki Christian is a trained wildlife rehabilitator. She's located just south of Illinois in northwestern Kentucky in McClean County. She's handled many birds of prey like this eagle and knows exactly what she's doing.

As the story goes, this eagle had flown under a tree after it was injured and was unable to fly. The proud bird likely would not have survived on its own. That's when Nikki went into action.

The good news is that after receiving fluids and steroids the bald eagle is now in a professional raptor rehabilitation center getting further treatment before it's eventually released back into the wild.

As Avian Report mentions, bald eagles can apply almost 1,000 pounds per square inch of pressure with those talons meaning it's highly dangerous to ever even think of attempting this yourself. Translation? This bald eagle can crush pretty much anything it wants or needs to.

Kudos to Nikki and her family for jumping into action to make sure our national symbol gets healed and returns to the skies where it belongs.

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