We know that eagles are predators that have few rivals in the skies. What happens though when 2 eagles fight each other? One lady found out when she shared video of 2 birds who had their talons locked together. There is a happy ending though.

There's quite a bit of backstory to this one. Here's what the gal said about this unexpected predicament in her yard:

On the eve of December 21st, 2021, I discovered two Bald eagles in my backyard. They were engaged with one another. This, of course, was such a rare encounter. I was very concerned for their welfare and safety but I really didn't know what to do for them...I was unsure if this was a mating ritual or just a fight. I did notice blood so I am assuming that the two were perhaps fighting over food. After some time I was able to get them to disengage while I approached to put a towel over their heads! Well, the approach worked because both of them separated their claws from one another and flew off! No broken wings and perhaps I stepped in at a good time.

It's worth noting that she also had a neighbor on the phone trying to contact a local conservation agent to get their expertise while this was playing itself out. I've seen a lot of things involving eagles over the years, but never anything like this.

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Even though you don't see it in the video she shared, the two eagles did separate and flew off in separate directions to resume doing what eagles do.

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