Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves has become a good source of entertainment for the rest of us. But movie and TV stars aren't the only celebs in the line of fire for people who think their opinions matter, sports stars get their fair share of grief as well, including members of the Indianapolis Colts.

The team released the video below through their Twitter account Tuesday evening. In it, players Pat McAfee, Adam Vinatieri, Donte Moncrief, Mike Adams, Vontae Davis and T.Y. Hilton read through a few tweets dogging them for either their on field play, or in most cases their appearance.

What makes it great is the reaction each player has, as I believe they're seeing the digs for the first time while the camera is rolling. Everyone seems to take the tweets for what they are, people spouting their silly opinion, except for McAfee who chooses to address his tweeter head on by giving him a lesson in grammar.

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