In the wake of the ridiculousness that has become "Deflategate", the Evansville IceMen issue a statement to fans letting them know that every aspect of their game is on the up-and-up.

Jimmie and I jokingly brought this up during our weekly chat with Coach Al Sims on Wednesday, and he assured us that the IceMen wouldn't resort to such tactics which is obviously a relief.

On Friday, COO Jim Riggs validated that assessment with a press release assuring fans that a careful examination of all the team's game pucks revealed no discrepancies, and that all pucks were "properly inflated" as the team prepares to host the Indy Fuel on Sunday night at the Ford Center.

Riggs quoted himself as saying, "“We have had our equipment staff working overtime to make sure that none of our game pucks are under inflated...We want everyone to know that all of our pucks are properly inflated and we invite the ECHL game officials and the Indy Fuel staff to inspect them prior to Sunday evening’s game.”

Of course this is all in good fun as anyone who knows the game of hockey knows that pucks don't require any air at all as they are composed of a compacted rubber.

Kudos to you, Evansville IceMen, for bringing a little levity to a story that has spiraled out of control.

In REAL IceMen news, the team is on the road at Cincinnati for a game against the Cyclones tonight and will follow that with a trip up to Indianapolis Saturday for a game versus the Fuel before coming back home to host the Fuel on Sunday.

Coverage of tonight and Saturday's game begins at 6:20pm on ESPN Evansville 105.3, and online at

Sunday's game is a “Subway Family Night” where for only $19.00 IceMen fans can get a game ticket, an IceMen T-Shirt, one small popcorn, and one small soda. For more information, call an IceMen ticket representative at 812-421-GOAL.

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