What would you do if those you love were facing imminent danger? Would you fight or flee? One man showed how brave he was when he came face to snout with a bear as he jumped into action and showed how bear slapping is done.

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There are several things to note here. Anthony Mooren does not mention where he's lives or where this bear encounter happened. I saw it trending today on TikTok and Digg and I completely understand why. The backstory is Anthony, his girlfriend and dogs were out for a stroll when they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anthony's instincts kicked in and he threw down a slap this bear won't soon forget.

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The National Park Service has all kinds of handy tips on what to do if you encounter a bear. Most of their advice assume that you see a bear in the distance and have the ability to avoid it. Anthony didn't have that luxury. Anthony did try to make himself look big which was a positive. Not sure if growling like a dog and slapping the bear are something you'll see recommended ever.

But, you have to credit Anthony Mooren for standing up and facing down potential injury or death to protect the woman (and dogs) he loves. Not everyone would be that brave in that situation.

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