We don't really talk politics much (seems too divisive), but if there's one thing most people in Chicago can agree on... Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn't overwhelmingly liked.

BUT, maybe she's campaigning for some brownie points with this one, because the City of Chicago is absolutely, 100% considering putting a dome over Soldier Field... maybe... and it doesn't make ANY sense.

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The Bears seem to be on their way out of downtown - acquiring purchasing agreements in the suburbs of Arlington Heights, currently home to the Arlington Park Horse Tracks. They've already been in talks with the mayor of Arlington Heights about plans for the new stadium (which we assume would have a dome). Those are due out in the Fall.

So WHY do this?

While I agree that if... BIG IF... this happens, then yeah, it would certainly be a big deal for the city, its sports teams, and the skyline. But this seems like a desperate move to keep the team downtown.

Call it a petty move to save an inevitable breakup. Things haven't really changed much in the last few years, the relationship grew stagnant, so instead of actually working to repair things... you just bought her a really nice hat.

Nah. Homie don't play that.

In the City's defense, they are considering this to make the stadium "more attractive" to potential users that INCLUDES the possibility of the Bears...but who else would need a Football stadium that holds 61,500 people?

Soccer isn't THAT big in the U.S. yet...

"If God had wanted us to play Soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms!" - Mike Ditka

... and no other sport in this country competes at a level that requires THAT many seats. Are they planning on expanding the USFL and bringing back the Chicago Blitz? Highly unlikely... but they DID play at Soldier Field... for two years before they folded with four games left in the 1984 season.

So the only other feasible alternative is, they think, after the Bears leave, they can get ANOTHER NFL team to come to downtown Chicago.

Here's the problem with that. Soldier Field is home to the Bears... no one else. Even in the LOOOOONG SHOT they DID manage to put enough butts in the seats for WHATEVER moves in there, the lines for concessions and bathrooms will still be just as long, parking will still be just as congested, and traffic in and out will still suck.

I think it's time to accept the inevitable, and stop trying to put lipstick on a pig. Remember the Good times, yes... but let Soldier Field go Chicago... let it go.

Jim O'Leary's mom and cow were a part of the legend of the Great Chicago Fire. His mansion still stands in Chicago.

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Mrs. O'Leary's cow, Mrs. O'Leary's son's mansion still stands on West Garfield Boulevard in Chicago and was for sale, Jim O'Leary ran a saloon and gambling establishment, on Halsted Street.

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