The trail cam probably deserved it. A new video share shows a tiny bear cub who decided to lay down the hammer on a Midwest trail camera.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project is more than just wolves. They have trail cameras around their area in Minnesota and regularly share some interesting happenings in nature. This is one of them. As they describe it, this little bear cub was getting on his mother's nerves. (See mothers, it's not just humans that this happens to)

There are 3 parts to this video. It begins with the bear cub scurrying away from mom and investigating the trail camera. He then runs back to mom and terrorizes a tree limb for a little bit. He starts harassing mom which leads to a bear scolding. The little guy then returns to the trail cam and...well, you'll see.

It does not end well for the trail cam, but as I said, it probably had it coming.

I've recommended following Voyageurs Wolf Project on Facebook before and they've just announced they're on TikTok, too. If you love wildlife as much as I do, that's another place to bookmark for fun wildlife moments.

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