It's not unusual for a bear to be big. Duh. However, a Midwestern trail cam has revealed one big a** bear that apparently ate everything.

I don't usually include words like a**, but I couldn't think of a better way to describe this mammoth beast. The video from the trail cam first came before my eyes on YouTube.

In their description, they mentioned that the video first appeared on Facebook and has now been viewed by over 400,000 people. That's a big a** amount of people.

They pinpoint the trail cam to northern Minnesota which makes sense. Tons of big a** bears up there.

I have no doubt this big guy is preparing for hibernation by loading up on his favorite food sources and he apparently found ALL of them. At once. As the National Park Service mentions, bears go through an interesting process before hibernation. One thing I didn't realize is that hibernation doesn't necessarily mean sleeping. They may just chill out in their den some of the time.

Note to self: do NOT look for sleeping bears in the woods as they may not be sleeping.

The comments on YouTube and Facebook about this big bear are almost as entertaining as the bear himself. I won't share them here as some are not ready for prime time, but you can check them out if you'd like a big ole laugh or two.

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