If you had your eyes looking toward the skies Friday night, you may have seen a spectacular fireball that was seen over 6 different states including Missouri and Illinois. There's video that shows how brilliant it was.

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I saw this fireball reported by the AMS Meteors website with a report also being made from Quincy, Illinois. Photographer Dan Bush shared this video to the Missouri Skies YouTube channel showing the huge fireball including several slow motion views.

William Mattison shared this brief video from Lake of the Ozarks which wasn't quite as big or bright as it was further north.

According to the AMS website, this meteor was spotted as far south as Branson, Missouri and as far north as Minnesota.

That wasn't the only fireball Friday night over our heads. Dan Bush captured yet another meteor which was almost as brilliant as the first. It was reported just after the one above.

If you're interested in meteors, make sure to check the AMS website as they often update the latest sky events with reports and sometimes videos and photos.

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