One of the most brilliant fireballs in recent memory exploded in the skies over the Midwest Saturday night with reports from hundreds in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. A doorbell security camera captured some video of the event.

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UPDATE: The AMS Meteors website now shows 193 reports including one Saturday night from Quincy. New video also shared now by Bradley Johnson.

ORIGINAL STORY: I first saw this fireball reported by the National Weather Service out of the Quad Cities on their Facebook page. According to their report, the meteor flashed across the sky between 8:30 and 8:45pm. Note that some comments claimed this caused a fire in a nearby forested area, but we haven't been able to confirm that as of this writing.

Northern IL Severe Weather shared video submitted by Jason Allen in Madison, Wisconsin.

I believe that AMS Meteors is in the process of documenting the many reports. I will update this story once they have their site updated and with any other videos that are shared of this widely-reported meteor.

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