A blast from the past is coming back to the freezer section of your favorite grocery store soon.

Earlier this week, Unilever, the parent company of Good Humor Ice Cream, announced "25 new innovations across six of its packaged ice cream and frozen novelty brands" (see the full list at PRNewswire) as well as the return of Viennetta Ice Cream Cakes which haven't been available in the United States for roughly 30 years.

I didn't remember these being a thing until I saw found this commercial on YouTube, and it all came back to me.

How delicious does that look? As an ice cream lover myself, I must say it would be really hard for me not to eat the whole thing, by myself, in one sitting. Would I feel miserable for hours afterward? Yes. Would the discomfort be totally worth it? Absolutely.

Unilever described the product as, "a wavy frozen vanilla base between crispy, decadent chocolate layers in a unique cake shape that is perfectly portioned for an entire family to share." It probably goes without saying that I'm not so sure about that "entire family to share" part.

The press release doesn't specify when exactly we'll be seeing these in the freezer sections of grocery stores, but I would assume it would be any day now, so keep an eye out next time you're strolling through the ice cream section.

The news isn't a bad way to kick off the new year, unless you made a resolution to eat healthier this year. Maybe the return of this favorite means we could see a few of these treats from years past make a comeback too.

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[Source: PRNewswire]

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