A new video shows what appears to be a cluster of UFO's that suddenly just vanish into nothing over the northern part of Illinois.

This event happened just a few days ago. The person who captured the video has almost no subscribers so it's likely very few have seen this video...yet. Here's how she described what she saw (or didn't see):

Saw this on our way home over Illinois/Wisconsin border by Kenosha. Any ideas on what we’re looking at ??

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At first glance, I was sure she was seeing Starlink satellites. They are normally seen looking like a line of lights. This video takes a strange turn when the large cluster on the right suddenly just disappears.

My other theory was that the cluster of lights disappeared behind a cloud bank. While that's possible, it doesn't appear that clouds are significant in that area. However, it is dark so it's hard to tell.

The other curious aspect of this video is there does appear to be some sort of chase craft on the left observing the cluster on the right. Is it just another plane or what exactly is going on?

I will currently file this video under "worth investigating" as I don't see any evidence of video layers or trickery happening and this person doesn't appear to have shared it with some of the more prominent UFO YouTube channels which happens often when someone is trying to get exposure. My take is this person saw something strange, captured video of it and that's it.

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