On a recent trip back from St. Louis, we passed signs for New Harmony, IN and it occurred to me that I have never been there before. After doing a little research, I found plenty of reasons to visit this quaint community. I have even put together a little gallery of places to stay and things to do right here in our backyard.

Is New Harmony Even Real?

First of all, let's talk about the history of New Harmony, and there is quite a lot considering the population is only 741. Of course, we know that the community exists, but it is often referred to as a 'Utopia'. The basic definition of a utopia is an imaginary society that lives in perfect harmony. There have been three versions of New Harmony Utopia, and you can read all about that later.

Indiana's First Commercial Beer

Way back in the beginning of time, I'm talking 1814, when it was known as “neu Harmonie” there was quite the demand for beverages in our area. The Harmonists were able to make tons of profit by making wine, whiskey, and beer.

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Weekend in New Harmony

It sure seems like everyone's stress level is quite elevated right now. Kids are starting a new school year, and COVID - 19 information changes daily. We are consuming too much bad news, causing even more stress. Personally, I feel like I'm barely keeping my head out of the water. But not in the cool way like Lilly King swims. This is more like a dog paddle in the deep end.

If you just feel like unplugging for the weekend to enjoy a beautiful community, New Harmony needs to be on your to-do list.

10 Ways to Relax in New Harmony, IN

New Harmony, Indiana reminds me of Stars Hollow, the quaint town featured in 'The Gilmore Girls.' This historic community is also referred to as a Utopia. There is a lot to see and do, and there are certainly some spots to unplug and relax.

See Inside the Mt. Vernon Home Rumored to be Part of the Underground Railroad

Located at 917 Mill Street in Mt. Vernon, less than a mile north of the Ohio River, there are a few different rumors of how the Robin Hill home was involved in helping slaves escape to the North. One rumor suggested there was a tunnel underneath the home slaves would use to pass through after getting off a boat on the river. That rumor has been debunked, but there once was a creek that ran near the home which was so overgrown with plants it looked like a tunnel. It is believed slaves used the creek as a pathway as they headed north. The home's current owner, Brian Alldredge, says he heard someone who lived or worked at the home during that time period would hang a colored blanket over the balcony to let those assisting the slaves know whether or not it was safe to pass with one particular color providing a green light, so to speak, and another warning there were people in the area looking for runaway slaves (some people in the North were known to capture slaves and send them back to the South).

The home went through a $700,000 remodel from 2001-2008 which included a new foundation and main support walls, all new floor joist and floors, new roof, new windows, and new drywall. It's currently for sale on Zillow with an asking price of $412,500

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