Another gem from the wonderful Twitter account, @ZillowGoneWild. If this kind of thing interests you, I can't recommend following them enough.

This humble abode can be found in Chicago, just south of Lincoln park new the Gold Coast area of Chicago. It is currently listed at a very cool $420,000 and is one of the most uniquely decorated homes I've ever seen.

Eccentric is definitely one way to describe it. The potential sellers realize that the unique décor might not make it the most desirable property so they included this note in the listing description:

"Be-Dazzled" when you tour this home - it's a one-of-a-kind Glam condo that will excite your senses from the moment you step in. Not you? Simply remove the paint and a few other features (photoshopped examples provided) and you have a beautifully appointed home with a high-end integrated white lacquer custom kitchen with lots of pull-out shelves and storage options.

This home might not be for everyone, but it might be for you. Let's take a look.


Here is the bathroom before and after the "de-glam" photoshop. Yes, it is a little more tamed down, but when you have a purple jelly bean for a bathroom sink, you're kind of already committed to the design theme.


Vegas suite or North Shore condo? Who knows. The zebra print puts it all together.


That Love, Love, Love picture is just a high brow version of the "Welcome To Poundtown" sign we covered a few weeks ago. Great view, no matter how it's decorated.

attachment-FSbEdomXEAYMIkV (1)

This is a BUSY room. I almost get a headache looking at it. Plus a know a mirrored wall is supposed to make a room look bigger but this one just adds to the chaos.


More Love signs and most importantly, more purple.

It'll be interesting to follow this listing to see if it actually sells at the price they're asking. It takes a very specific person to spend half a million dollars on something that looks like this, and it looks like it could be a lot of work if  you want to "de-glam" it.

Thanks again to Zillow Gone Wild, you guys make social media worthwhile.

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