When I was a little girl, I remember my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles would always have a fresh pot of coffee on and ready to serve guests. It was a time when people weren't so busy and they went to each others house to spend a couple hours just visiting. It was a simpler time spent with family, friends, coffee.

At the time, I couldn't understand why anyone would ever drink coffee. It was so disgusting. It wasn't until I was in college that I tried to drink a cup of coffee. Coffee had caffeine, I had a huge paper to write, so it seemed like a good idea. I was wrong. It was so gross. And, I drank tequila, straight.

The reason it was so awful is because we didn't have, what I like to call, foo coffee. There was no Starbucks or trendy little coffee shop with seasoned baristas.There was a percolated coffee pot, a drip coffee maker, sugar, cream, flavorless Coffee-mate and no flavor, non diary creamer. That's why the coffee tasted so bad. We didn't have flooded coffee either, just coffee and decaf coffee.

Once I had a hazelnut latte and tasted hazelnut Coffee-Mate, I was hooked. That didn't happen until I started working at WKDQ, over 12 years ago. Before that, as a long adult, I only drank water. Jon, my first radio husband, told me that he would give me 3 months to start drinking coffee everyday. Morning show schedules tend to exhaust you. And, he was right. It took just about as long as he said it would, and I was addicted.

I'm a big fan of hazelnut creamer. I've tried some of the other flavors, even pumpkin spice, but I'm not a fan. Vanilla is my second favorite flavor. That is until I try one of these new Coffee-mate flavors.


Both of these new Coffee-mate creamers will be in stores January 2021. Next year is looking good, and yummy, already.


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