Target is selling a kit that lets you turn your pumpkins into giant spiders this Halloween.

I know, I's only August. Why should we already be talking about Halloween and fall things? Why not?!  It's never too early to get in the Halloween spirit! I mean I was just at the store yesterday and they already had Halloween candy and a few decorations on the shelves. If they're selling them, it's perfectly acceptable to talk about them!

One of the most popular fall/Halloween items out there each year is pumpkins. It's pretty much the mascot for this time of year. Whether it's pumpkin spice food or drinks or even creepy Jack-O-Lanterns, you'll see pumpkins incorporated in a variety of ways this fall. Another thing you see a lot of around Halloween is spider decorations. Why? Because they're creepy! So Target has taken both of those items and combined them into one to allow you to create a creepy, giant pumpkin spider this fall.


Target is selling a kit that will turn your pumpkin into a giant spider, and it looks like it is pretty quick and easy to do. And the cool thing is, you don't need any knives or to even dig out the nasty guts of the pumpkin.

The Spider Pumpkin Appendages come with 2-inch long hairy spider legs that bend easily into any kind of position you want. It also comes with eyes and palps to help transform your pumpkin into a spider. If you really want to make your spider pumpkin look more creepy, you can always choose to paint the pumpkin before adding on the kit. That's what I would do at least.

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Oh, and you don't have to use these kits on pumpkins only. You could also use an artificial pumpkin or any other kind of gourd for a different kind of spider.


After Halloween, wash the appendages with warm water, dry thoroughly, and store until the next season. It sounds like a pretty unique thing to have on display at your house this fall. You'll definitely creep some trick or treaters out if you do it right!

You can find out more and even order one of your own through the link below!

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