If you're looking for a simple "ride in the car day trip" you could do much worse than doing this for a few hours.

I mean, summer is winding down, if you haven't planned a vacation yet, you're probably running out of time.

So if you want to make sure you at least check the "I did something this summer" box, you can always take a trip to Princeton, Illinois.

About 90 miles or an hour and twenty by vehicle from Rockford, there's not much to do in Princeton.

Take a look at the Princeton TripAdvisor page if you don't believe me. Out of the not-so-whopping 19 things to do in that town, the #1 "Thing To Do" is to check out a bridge.

Covered Bridge
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That said, I get it though. It's a beautiful red-covered bridge, and one you don't see very often anymore.

The aptly titled Red Covered Bridge in Princeton is the best red-covered bridge in Illinois and is considered one of the most beautiful in America.

It almost looks plucked out of time, especially when you consider the sign that still hangs outside of the bridge.

The Red Covered Bridge sign reads:

Five dollars fine for driving more than twelve horses, mules, or cattle at one time or for leading any beast faster than a walk on or across this bridge.

Red covered bridge
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It seems visitors enjoy the bridge as well. Al E on TripAdvisor said "Very nice old covered bridge in a gorgeous setting complete with a little park and picnic area. Creek running by the park not far from town, with the stop."

Not everyone is in love with the Red Covered Bridge though.

TripAdvisor user Mike M:

I found a treasure map at my grandma's house outside of Princeton that led me to this bridge... Approaching the bridge I was excited...my mind was racing with thoughts of gold bars and diamonds. Turns out it's just a small red bridge. Went to Taco Bell afterward. The quesadilla was good. 5/5. Would eat again.

Go for the bridge, stay for the Taco Bell.

Red covered bridge in Illinois
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