The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which accepts online Internet complaints from actual victims or from third party complainants, is reporting a new Internet scam involving an employment offer paying money to advertise products on your car.

According to a report last week on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website, it says that although some business legitimately pay to advertise their companies’ logos on peoples personal vehicles, those scammed reported to the IC3 that initial contact with the suspect was mostly through online ad postings. The posting offered an easy way to earn extra income by allowing businesses to advertise their logo on the complainant’s personal vehicle through a vinyl decal or “auto wrap.” The fraudsters were using company names such as Coca Cola, Monster Energy drink, Carlsberg beer, Heineken Co., and Red Bull.

The individuals who reported this scam said they were advised that they would be paid an average of $400-$600 per week in exchange for driving around with vinyl advertising signs wrapped around their vehicle. Those who responded to the ad were asked to provide their contact information and vehicle details. These individuals were then promised an up-front payment, which would be sent by check or money order.

Photo courtesy of kaseylizbeth, Flickr Creative Commons

According to the IC3, the employment offer is entirely bogus. Those victims who fell for this scam received a check or money order for more than the promised amount. They were then directed to cash it and wire the difference to a third party, who was supposed to be the graphics designer to pay for the cost of the design. The checks and money orders turned out to be counterfeit and the criminals, once again, were able to convert fraudulent checks and money orders into untraceable cash, leaving the victims responsible for the bank’s losses.

If you feel like you have been a victim of Internet crime you can file a complaint through the Internet Crime Complaint Center:




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