The news is in...taking too much of vitamins can hurt you.  If you aren't a very healthy eater, you may need vitamins, although even unhealthy foods these days are supplemented with vitamins.  However, a new risk has emerged; one that concerns getting too much of a good thing.  Too many vitamins are being taken by people who really don't need to be supplementing their daily diets.  The result of "overdosing?"  One study has shown that older women may actually promote a higher risk of dieing by getting too many vitamins; however, it was admittedly an observational study, not a rigorous test.  The other study indicated that men taking too much vitamin E had a slightly higher risk for the development of prostate cancer.  And there is no evidence that taking vitamins reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease or any other chronic health problems.

Hey, I'm a simple, pragmatic type of guy, and my philosophy has always been so called "bad" foods in moderation and be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to make sure you're getting your vitamins.  Then you don't need supplements and you don't take the risk of getting overdosed on vitamins.  Just eat a balanced diet and forget spending the extra money on vitamins you don't need!

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