While scrolling through the internet today, I made a very interesting discovery. Do you know who voiced the Gieco "Hump Day" Camel for the famous commercial?


You remember this commercial, right? It changed the way that we announce that it is Wednesday. While it came out almost four years ago, people to this day still like to say "Hump Day" like the Gieco camel. But do you know who voiced that camel?

Back in 2013, not too many people recognized his name, but thanks to the phenomenon known as NBC's This Is Us, practically everyone in the United States knows who this man is. I am talking about none other than Chris Sullivan, AKA Toby, from This Is Us!


Rich Polk
Rich Polk/Getty Images


This isn't the only time that he has portrayed a character that you might not know about. More recently, the played "Tazerface" in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Chris Sullivan can do it all!


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