Hard to believe we're not that far away from the season when the colors will start to change signaling the arrival of Fall. If you're a fan of watching leaves performing this annual ritual, you need to drive down the Mississippi River a ways to an Illinois state park that was named one of the best places in America to see the changing of the seasons.

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This Fall colors praise didn't come from just any website. It's the Farmer's Almanac that declared Pere Marquette State Park as the 8th best place in America to see leaves changing. This neat place is located just north of St. Louis on the Illinois side of the river.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As the Illinois Department of Natural Resources shared, Pere Marquette State Park is 8,000 acres of hiking and tree goodness. They estimate there are 12 miles of unmarked scenic trails in the park and by "scenic", they're talking about Fall being epic here.

All Trails has some great recommendations for the best trails to hike inside Pere Marquette State Park. The Outer Loop in particular looks amazing. Almost all of them are highly-rated.

It's really something that Farmer's Almanac has heaped this kind of praise on a small park in Illinois. Fall isn't far away so perhaps a road trip is in order.

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