With Valentines's Day in a little over a week, I thought I would share with you a part of our love story; mine and my husband Quenton. It involves an ordinary date, no special occasion or anything, that he turned into an unforgettable moment of love.

Our relationship has been far from perfect and we've been through some very difficult times. But, there have been moments between us where it was as if time stood still. There was no sound, no room, no one else, just us. One of those moments happened in a very crowded and unlikely place, Eastland Mall.

We hadn't been dating very long, maybe a few months. Because we both worked quite a bit and lived in different cities, it was hard to go on real dates. But, that evening, we had a great and relaxing dinner, then just decided to walk around the mall until our movie started. As we passed by the perfume store that used to be in the J.C.Penny wing, Quenton guided me into the store.

As we walked up to the counter, a guy came out from the back. He asked if he could help us and I said, No, we are just looking. But, Quenton had a plan. He told the sales person that he wanted to find the perfect scent for me. WHAT?!? How do you even do that?

The sales person started asking Quenton questions about scents; bold, light, sweet, floral, etc. While they discussed fragrances I just sat there and watched the decision unfold.

I swear, the guy lined up 30 bottles of perfume on the counter. He told us to start on one end and work our way down the line of designer fragrances. So, that's what we did. Quenton slowly took each bottle, sprayed it on a perfume sample strip and looked at me. He really looked at me. He wasn't even standing close to me and yet he looked deep into my eyes. It was like he was trying to see the essence of who I was and what fragrance would best reflect and accent ME.

Quenton did this with every bottle, as he narrowed down the number of bottles on the counter. After about an 30 minutes, he had narrowed the number of scents down to around twelve and then six or so, until he ended up with two. Now keep in mind, the whole time, I didn't smell any of the fragrances. I just stood silent, mesmerized by his gaze as he studied me.

After narrowing it down to two scents, he waked closer to me and held the sample strips up to my neck. under my ear, leaned down closer, almost touching my skin and smelled the two of us together; me and the scent. It was at that moment, time just stopped. I was frozen in this incredible moment of love that I had never experienced or even dreamed of.

Quenton then walked back to the counter, after giving each scents the final test, and made a choice. He picked the chosen bottle up off of the counter, waked over to me, took my wrist and sprayed a small amount on my skin. He then took my wrist, lifted it slowly up toward my nose, all the while looking into my eyes, and said, Smell how beautiful you are. This is you. 

Needless to say, I was speechless.

What he gave me that day, yes I got a small bottle of perfume, but that isn't the point, he gave me a magical moment, a feeling, that I felt deep in my heart. What he DID meant so much more to me than any gift he had bought. We could have left the store without a bottle of perfume and I wouldn't feel any different. It wasn't about the perfume, it was about our incredible, undeniable growing connection.

He made me feel beautiful by seeing and accepting the real me. Quenton focused on  ME that day and nothing else. He made me feel special by SHOWING me that I was special. No man had even really done that before and I will never forget the love, and pure Bridgerton type romance, he showed me that very special day. During that date, he swept me off of my feet and I knw my life was never going to be the same.

Here is the perfume that he picked out for me.



I wear Versace, Crystal Noir everyday and always get compliments on it. I will often get asked, by men and woman, what scent I'm wearing because it smells so incredible and it always fills my heart with love and beautiful memories.

Do something, this Valentine's Day, to make the one you love feel special, wanted and adored. Do something you wouldn't normally do, something they don't expect. Make time stand still by showing them how you feel, not just telling them.

Happy Valentine's Day! XO

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