There's a new food trend on TikTok and it actually doesn't sound terrible.

The video platform, TikTok, allows users to share videos of all kinds. Singing, dancing, funny content, and even educational hacks. I'm a big fan of the life hack and food recipe videos. Let's focus on these food recipes. A lot of them are the normal food recipes that spark an interest in trying out for dinner one night. Then there are the food mashup videos that either sound good or terrible. The latest example of the latter is one that honestly isn't too bad of a concept.

Breakfast For Dinner Or Dinner For Breakfast?

There's been a debate that has been going on for years. Which is better: breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? Personally, I prefer dinner for breakfast. I don't think too many people will argue that one of the best dinner foods that you can eat for breakfast is pizza. Who doesn't enjoy leftover pizza for breakfast? That's pretty much what this new TikTok food trend is about.

Bitten slice of pizza in the hands of the person close-up. The man in a purple T-shirt with well-groomed hands is eating pepperoni pizza

Enter...Pizza Eggs

Not the most lavish of names, but it gets the point across. TikTokers all over are obsessed with recipes for Pizza Eggs. So what exactly is Pizza Eggs? Well, there are a couple of ways that you can make them. One involves pizza toppings and the other involves leftover pizza. Let's dive into these two options.

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Pizza Eggs Option 1

The first way to make it is to toss a bunch of toppings in a pan, like pepperoni and onions, along with some butter.  Then add in a few eggs, scramble it up, and put cheese on top. If I am making this, I would also add in some pizza sauce too, because it's not a pizza without the sauce.

Pizza Eggs Option 2

The second way to make Pizza Eggs doesn't just involve pizza toppings, it requires the entire pizza!  You take a piece of leftover pizza, cut it up into cubes, fry them in a pan, toss in some extra pizza sauce (because you can never have enough), and pour scrambled egg mix on top.

Which of these (if any) would you want to eat?

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