Our studio is located inside the Fifth Third bank building in Downtown Evansville. I know we have a lot of amazing shops and restaurants, but honestly, I rarely leave our building.

A couple of the other ladies asked if I wanted to walk to a couple of shops, and I said yes! I would normally say that I have too much to do, but I decided that some fresh air would make me more productive.

What's This?

As we crossed 2nd over to Main Street, I noticed that the dry cleaner on the corner is a new business. It didn't look like they were ready for shoppers, but I'm guessing it will be soon.


Pup Hospitality

OMG. This extremely cute water spot stopped me in my tracks. I love that our downtown is dog and people-friendly.


Take a Look, It's a Book...Store

Your Brother's Bookstore not only has books, but they also have some really neat t-shirts. There were several that I had to resist. There was one with The Little Mermaid that says 'I want to be where the BOOKS are'.

Ryan O'Bryan

Did you know that 67¢ of every $1 spent at local shops remains in our neighborhood?* Remember to support your neighbors this holiday season - Shop & Dine Downtown.

You can see all of the businesses that will be open for Shop Small Saturday HERE.

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Never Have I Ever (Christmas Edition)

If you've ever played the game NEVER HAVE I EVER with friends, then you know it's a good time! Basically, one person says 'Never Have I Ever' followed by something embarrassing or outrageous or even totally normal and everyone who has done it in the group has to take a drink. This morning, when we were looking at standard Christmas carols, we realized how many Christmasy things we've never done! So the Never Have I Ever Christmas game was born.