This past weekend, we decided to go to Indianapolis for the Castle/Central varsity football game at Lucas Oil Stadium! Since it's a three-hour drive to Indy, we thought we'd take the opportunity to stay the night and make it a family weekend. One of the things I wanted to visit was the Children's Museum Indianapolis.

I had NO IDEA what I was in for! The Indianapolis Children's Museum is the largest children's museum in the world. 472,900 square feet spread out over five floors is crammed with hands-on educational opportunities. We were there for about seven hours and we didn't spend more than five minutes at any one thing.

The first things you'll see are the dinosaurs "slamming" into the side of the building. And, they look totally real! When we went in, we were greeted by the Transformer Bumble Bee. He was HUGE! And, then we spent the entire day bouncing from room to room. We visited China, saw real dinosaur bones, experienced the flight of the Liberty Bell 7, danced on stage, performed in the circus, learned about iconic children like Anne Frank who changed the world, enjoyed art, and dove into all about the mysteries of the earth. You could easily spend two or three days in a row to really experience everything!


And, in addition to the current exhibits, the ICM is gearing up for their annual Haunted House: Wicked Woods!  "Embark on a hike through the foreboding forest as you encounter campfires and caves, creatures and cabins, terrible tales and haunted trails. Grab your packs and get your gear ready for The Children's Museum Guild's 54th Annual Haunted House: Wicked Woods!"

We will definitely go back. If you've never experienced the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, get it on your bucket list today! We had a blast!