Miss Alex Craig is a 3rd grade teacher at Daniel Wertz Elementary, and we know how passionate she is about teaching and her students. She helped organize a parade with her fellow teachers, to surprise their students last month. This shutdown has been devastating to her, but yesterday she got quite the surprise, that was just the pick-me-up that she needed. With her permission, I'm sharing the thank you she shared on Facebook.

"Oh my goodness - my heart is so full! My class just surprised me with a student car parade! Instant happy teacher to see all of their smiling faces honking and waving and saying hi! As if that wasn’t enough just seeing them, they created the most special photo book with pictures from our year, and notes from the kiddos. This will definitely be a year to remember and this photo book is something I will always treasure!
I wasn’t made to be a virtual teacher. My heart misses the classroom and misses the activities we should be doing. But today, oh goodness today a student car parade was what I needed.

Photo_ Amanda McGill

Parents and students- I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to drive by today. How blessed I am to know you all.
The back page of my new photo book says, “I wasn’t born to just teach. I was born to inspire others, to change people, and to never give up; even when faced with challenges that seem impossible.”
I am so glad I was chosen to be their teacher, even in uncertain times- I was born to be their teacher."

Amanda McGill's daughter, Sadie, is in Miss Craig's class. She had the idea for the surprise, and the entire class was more than happy to help put it together.

Just look at the sweet photo book her students gave her.

Alex Craig
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