Despite the way it sounds, the news comes with a silver lining.

A report released by the Indiana State Police yesterday states that 65 meth labs have been discovered in Vanderburgh County through the end of July. Certainly not something you'd want to include on a visitor's guide.

However, the seemingly high number comes as a result of the hard work by state and local law enforcement's "Meth Suppression Units"; task forces who sole purpose is to seek out, identify, and dismantle active meth labs in the area. If not for the work of these officers, the number would surely be lower, although that would mean there's a higher number of active labs they don't know about.

The Evansville Police Department website offers a list of ways to determine whether or not you have stumbled upon a meth lab in your neighborhood, including first and foremost, a strong ammonia smell. Other signs to look for include the use of camping fuel, pseudoephedrine based cold medication, ether, ammonium nitrate (cold packs), lye and sulfuric acid just to name a few.

In the event you suspect an active lab in your neighborhood, the EPD strongly encourages you to call 911 immediately, or contact the Meth Suppression Unit by phone at 812-436-7918, or e-mail at

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