I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Let's go with that first one. A fake Facebook event for a Missouri Meth Cookoff was created and an astounding 3,000+ people have indicated they are either interested or going.

I saw this shared on Reddit. It's self-explanatory.

This is not someone on Reddit trying to be funny. You can see the Facebook event page for yourself. If you read the fine print of the 4th Annual Jefferson County Meth Cookoff Facebook event, you'll notice more comedic details:

Fun for the kids also! the Missouri Department of Conservation will be rounding up am assortment of wild raccoons, possum, and snakes for a petting zoo.
Cook Off Will Take Place on the Fox High School Football Field in Arnold, Missouri. Chili will be made by the dumpsters and meth labs can be assembled along the 50 yard line and end zones.

It's not the fact that a fake Facebook event has been set up as much as it appears so many have been duped by it. One comment on Reddit brought up the very valid point that many who have said they are "interested" or "going" may very well just be going along with the joke. In Jefferson County, Missouri, I'm not so sure. If you check out the Jefferson County Sherriff's website, you'll see a special page dedicated to meth lab seizures.

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There is a sad reality behind this Facebook satire page, but I'll just accept it for what it is. Let's just hope the people who have clicked the "interested" and/or "going" button are in on the joke, too.

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