We all know that at any given point in time in the city of Evansville that we are likely to encounter orange barrels or barricades. It's just something that we've all sort of gotten used to. But what happens when those orange barrels and barricades start impeding on a small business's ability to to not only thrive but to actually simply survive? One local restaurant has written an "Open Letter To The City of Evansville" asking for reprieve from the construction to save their business.

Los Alfaro's Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant located at 1021 South Weinbach Avenue, just south of Washington Avenue, where they serves a diverse selection of South American cuisine. Not only can you enjoy an authentic dish from 9 different countries like El Salvador, Argentina and Peru but you can do it with some of the best customer service I have ever received. Theresa and her family are warm and welcoming and it really is family. I highly recommend that you try the Chicha Morada - a sweet and spicy Peruvian purple drink that is made from purple corn or the virgin pina colada served in a fresh pineapple. Los Alfaro's is a small, family run business just trying to live the "American Dream" and like most small businesses the coronavirus has deeply impacted them. They only recently celebrated a their first year in business and judging for the pleas on social media, the second half of that year has been really tough.

As if trying to operate a small, family run restaurant during a global pandemic wasn't hard enough, they are now facing another setback - those pesky orange barrels and barricades that we are all too familiar with across the city. For approximately the last 6 weeks there has been construction on the portion of Weinbach Avenue directly in front of the restaurant. According to the most recent social media post, both of the entrances to the restaurant are currently blocked off leaving no way for customers to access their business. They also make mention of a chemical smell from the construction that has made its way into the restaurant and allegedly caused one of their employees to faint. The Open Letter goes on to read in part,

We are not a fast-food chain restaurant, we aren’t established in the community just yet like other businesses around us, we have put our entire life savings into our business, and each day we kept receiving notices that the Contruction would be done but it has not been completed.
We literally cannot hold on anymore, and we need the Mayor of Evansville to do something about this issue! We have called, and his office said they should be done tomorrow. However, our entrances are still closed off today and we have a total loss of our earnings for the day and a huge loss for over a month.
In an attempt to keep their doors open and the lights on, they are asking the community to support them by ordering for pick-up and they will walk your pick-up order "to the safe side of the street." They are asking for the community to rally around them by contacting Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke to ask about for completion date for the construction and that at least one of their entrances be reopened. You can read the full letter here.
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