Even though I love anything that has to do with aliens and UFO sightings, I'm not sure I would want to be abducted by a spaceship.

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If one was to be abducted by aliens, I'm not sure they have a choice. When we hear about someone reporting that they think they may have been taken aboard a space vessel, they rarely go with consent. In the reports, it seems like there is a lapse in time with very cloudy memories of what might have actually happened.

Usually, the reports state lingering remnants of evidence from the alleged encounter. Marks on the body, changes in behavior, and recurring nightmares are not uncommon.

I came across this story on one of my daily YouTube dives. It's the story of three women in Kentucky, back in 1976, who went out for dinner and on their way home encountered something that left a lasting mark on them.

Still, an unsolved abduction mystery, even though a ton of evidence was collected. The story of the Stanford, KY, alien abduction will give you chills.

If you aren't a believer in extraterrestrials after you read this story you might change your mind.

The unsolved mystery of the Standford Kentucky alien abductions of 1976

According to Kentucky Wikipedia, the story goes like this,

...January 6, 1976, was Mona Stafford's 36th birthday. To celebrate, she and her friends Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas decided to drive thirty-five miles from their home in Liberty, Kentucky, to have dinner at the Redwoods Restaurant...The three women had an enjoyable dinner together. None of them drank any alcoholic beverages with their meal.

At about 11:15, the trio headed back home...Just outside Stanford...A bright red object appeared in the sky, which Mona Stafford at first thought was an airplane on fire. As the object descended from the right side of the road to a point ahead of them, they could see that it was not an airplane, but a huge object bigger than "two houses." The object stopped about a hundred yards ahead of them, stretching across the road on both sides. It rocked back and forth for a couple of seconds and then moved off to the left.

...about a quarter of a mile (down the road), a blue light appeared through the rear window of the car. At first, they thought it was a highway patrol car with its lights flashing, but soon they realized that the flying object had circled around and had come up behind them.

Suddenly, something wrested control of the car away from Louise Smith. The car accelerated even though Mrs. Smith took her foot off the accelerator, and the speedometer was soon on 85 mph. Mona Stafford, in the front passenger seat, tried to help Louise regain control of the car, but it was not possible.

The women began to feel a burning sensation in their eyes. The ignition lights lit up on the instrument panel, an indication that the car's engine was stalled, but they were still speeding along. They saw a wide, brightly lit road ahead of them, and then, seconds later... they recognized they were on the outskirts of Hustonville, a full eight miles from where they had just been. Checking the time, they found that, incredibly, an hour and twenty minutes had passed.

...they each had a red mark like a burn on the backs of their necks, and they all had burning, irritated eyes. Louise Smith went into the bathroom and removed her watch..the hands of her watch were spinning at a much higher-than-normal speed...she splashed water on her face, and found that contact with water caused pain in her hands and face.

...investigators found that other individuals had independently reported sightings of a UFO in the Casey and Lincoln counties that same night...In July of 1976, Lexington Police Department detective James Young separately gave the three women lie detector tests regarding their experience. They all passed with no problems.

...extensive hypnotic regression of the women was performed by R. Leo Sprinkle...sessions revealed that during the period of missing time, the three women were taken on board the object they had seen. While there they were medically examined by shadowy beings that they later identified as being similar to depictions of aliens.

[Kentucky Wiki]

Listen to Lydia Morel describe, in great detail, what happened to her and her friends.


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