If the tagline "I'd rather deal with the Duells" rings a bell, you're probably a current or former Evansville resident. The Duell Automotive Group has been a tri-state household name since the 1980s. But it was announced in a press release that Doug Duell and his family have handed over the "keys" to Duell's Evansville Kia to St. Louis-based Lou Fusz Automotive Group, and Doug will be starting a new chapter as a consultant on the store’s day-to-day operations.

“We’re incredibly excited to grow our brand into the great state of Indiana. This acquisition is the first step in our goal to expand throughout the Midwest. Our network takes pride in not only delivering on our pledge to support the community but also providing our customers with an outstanding experience," said CEO Randy Fusz of Lou Fusz Automotive Network. “We count it a privilege to take on this Duell Family-owned and operated dealership and we plan to continue the family-run business style the store has known over the last 30 years.”

You can find more info about the dealership at their website, evansvillekia.com. 

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