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I can remember babies eating spaghetti and it was so funny. Spaghetti would be everywhere. The long strands would be having like hair down the side of their faces. even having out of their little noses. Don't get me started on how much of the spaghetti sauce would end up on my husband's shirt.

Teaching a child, or a husband how to eat spaghetti is probably one of the hardest foods to show anyone how to eat because you can barely eat it yourself. It's so awkward and, even as an adult, you end up wearing some of it. I would never order any on a date because of the fear I would carry some around on my face the rest of the night.

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Since spaghetti is a romantic Italian dish seems to be the dinner of love.


If you are planning on eating the saucy and messing dish for Valentines Day, here is a hack you might want to use. AS crazy as it sounds and looks, it works.

And, maybe not a good idea to give to scissors to young kids. But, I think a pair of dull school scissors would probably work too.

Hey, I think I need to design a pair of spaghetti scissors just for eating. You know, like the corn cob end attachments. You could just stick a nail in to the ends of your cob but instead there is a gadget designed just for that purpose. YES!

Seriously, just like I cut up my chicken with a pair of scissors, you could cut up your spaghetti and meatballs right before you serve. It will mix it up and also make it easier to eat.

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