We have all become way too familiar with the term 'Karen' and what kind of person that represents. You have maybe even dealt with one in real life (my condolences if that's the case). Being a 'Karen' can cover a really wide range of situations - it's kind of like a big umbrella of nastiness - and I'm here to tell you about a term that falls under that umbrella. I like to think of it as a sub-genre of being a Karen, for a very specific situation. The term I'm talking about is 'SHARON.'

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This term was inspired by a real person - a woman named Sharon - and you'll understand the meaning as soon as you hear what she did. Our Sharon purchased a pumpkin pie from Marie Callender's. Sharon then overcooked that pie (huge understatement) until it was unrecognizable. Sharon then went to Marie Callender's Facebook page and complained about it, blaming them for ruining her Thanksgiving. The company, being the professionals they are, apologized for the incident, saying, "Hi Sharon. Thanks for your post. We're really sorry to hear our Pumpkin Pie let you down this year. We'd like to get in touch with you so we can hear more and help."

As you can imagine, with a complaint that absurd, it didn't take long for the internet to come to the defense of Marie Callender. Next thing you know, our Sharon had become famous for all the wrong reasons. Her name was quickly turned into a verb - SHARONED - defined as "the act of having neglected baked items in the oven until they are unidentifiable as edible through NOT the fault of yourself, but that of the item's manufacturer."

This situation is another example of just how clueless and ignorant people can be, but without our sweet, ignorant Sharon, we never would have been able to see all of the hilarious responses to her misplaced anger. Here are just a few...

"Don't you dare apologize. It's not your fault Sharon decided to get tanked and set her oven to hellfire."

"Please send her a larger version of the back of your box."

"Why are you sorry you didn't cremate her pie. You didn't set her oven temperature to the 'hell' setting."

"You do know the fire alarm isn't a timer right?"

"Next Thanksgiving I would turn the oven down from 'Satan's as***le' to more like 325."

If you want to see more examples of how creative and more hilarious people can be, you need to spend a few minutes searching for "Thanks Marie Callender's memes."

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