The Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District strives to helps Downtown Evansville and the businesses downtown flourish.  They have brought many great events downtown, and if you see the beautiful holiday decorations downtown, that's thanks to them too! Last year they opened Game Room Alley, and it's exactly what it sounds like.  It's a space designed for use by all ages, with great landscaped spots to sit next too, as well as tables and chairs.  Of course there's also games and amazing sidewalk paintings in the alley.

Here's what Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District says about Game Room Alley:

Opened in July 2019, Game Room Alley is the EID's first "placemaking" project.  Located on the 300 block of Main Street, the concept for this project came from the phrase; "Let's meet but not eat." Designed for use by all ages, it's a place stocked with games and landscaped spots to sit and relax. Moveable tables and chairs were chosen to allow users to find a spot they feel most comfortable. A relationship with our local Lowe's stores has provided additional upgrades to the space, including a storage shed and equipment to maintain the alley.

I am lucky enough to work downtown, and on warm sunny days I like to take a walk on my lunch break. One of my favorite places to walk by is the alley, it's just such a nicely done little gem.

See Inside Game Room Alley in Downtown Evansville

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