Technology is a wonderful thing until it's not. We've all had that moment where it failed us in some way. The main way it seems to get most of us is talk-to-text. While incredibly handy, it has its limitations. For example, there have been several cases where I've responded to a work-related text while driving using the feature only to have Siri spell "KDQ" as "Katie Que" like I'm referring to a person. (Side note: "Katie Que" would be a great name for a BBQ restaurant owned by someone named Katie. Feel free to steal that.) 

There's no one I know that has been a victim of its limitations more times than Leslie. If I had thought to save them all over time, I could fill a book. Seriously, sometimes I need a degree in hieroglyphics to figure them out. Her most recent fail came Thursday morning when I got this:

Leslie Text Fail
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In this particular case, I was able to decipher the first half to know what she was asking. She handles putting our Q Crew Question on Facebook each morning and couldn't remember what we said we were going to ask. So "cuckoo" = Q Crew, and it was about saying something that would make a person uncomfortable which helped. As for the part about trying to remember on a first date, I have no clue.

Again, as we know all too well, she's not alone. Most of the time, unless they're shared on social media, the fails stay between the sender and the person who got it. That wasn't the case for one member of the private Facebook group, Life in the Burgh...Newburgh, whose voice-to-text fail was put out there for all to see and led to several funny comments.

SEE: Newburgh Man's Voice-to-Text Fail Leads to Hilarious Comments on Facebook

A gentleman who goes by Bob Lob Law on Facebook recently posted what was meant to be a nice public service to the other members of the private group, Life in the Burgh...Newburgh, to let them know traffic was backed up on a road in town due to a car that had found its way into a ditch. Thanks to a voice-to-text fail, he may have inadvertently changed the name of the road forever.

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