The city of Evansville is getting closer to its all-new (and much-needed) concrete skatepark. A recent conceptual rendering and a completion date were recently shared.

Why a Concrete Skatepark?

You may be asking yourself why Evansville needs a skatepark and that's a really valid question. The truth is that skateboarding and BMX freestyle biking are actually pretty popular with the youth in our community - not just in Evansville but in the entire Southwestern Indiana region. There isn't really anywhere locally that is a dedicated outdoor space for those that enjoy those activities. It leaves a lot of enthusiasts skateboarding and biking in places they really shouldn't be - like parking garages.


Why Do We Need One In Evansville?

According to the organizers behind the campaign to make this a reality, the closest concrete skatepark to Evansville is in Owensboro, Kentucky. Being that far away, it's of little benefit to those who enjoy spending time outdoors on their skateboards or bikes. Other cities in Indiana have concrete parks but all Evansville is currently offering is a dilapidated park in disrepair.

Evansville lags behind other Hoosier cities like New Albany, Hammond, Terre Haute, Seymour, Lafayette, Kokomo, Richmond that already have concrete skateparks. SSP will replace a metal structure skatepark built in 2001 along the Greenway Trail in Lamasco Park. This skatepark met its lifespan within ten years. With metal connectors broken, shaky structural supports, and amateur repair attempts, the site is now all but closed, stripping our skating community of a safe, appropriate space to skate and build community.


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How It Came to Be

The idea and plans for Sunset Skatepark have come to fruition around 2015 and now over 600 skateboarders, skaters and BMX bikers spanning multiple generations have come together to brainstorm, fundraise, and otherwise, layout plans to bring this park into reality. Keep scrolling to see the conceptual rendering for the new park

skateboarding jumping at sunrise

When Will It Happen?

Sunset Skatepark organizers had hoped to be able to start construction in late 2021 but the project has taken a little longer than initially planned. Now, according to Hunger Skateparks, the new Evansville park should be complete by the summer of 2023, once they tie up a few more loose ends. Once completed, Sunset Skatepark will be the largest concrete skatepark in the state of Indiana, covering nearly 2,700 square.


Only waiting on a few more permitting hoops & there’s a full on lighting design in process It’s looking like nothing will hold it back further than Summer 2023 completion. This is a big one- regional park status- you guys deserve it


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Skateboarding is Illegal in these Downtown Evansville Locations

If you love to skateboard, you need to know that there are some locations where it is actually illegal to boardslide or bonk. Every violation could cost $25, and if the offender is under 18, parents get to pay the ticket.

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