The goal is always to stay on the right side of the law. This could happen to almost all of us, so let me give you a big 'heads up', you'll thank me later.

This would absolutely be the first time I've heard about this law, but nonetheless, I don't want to get ticketed for more when getting pulled over.

This law was probably created many years ago, as suggests, but it's still in the books and active today.


In Illinois, it is illegal to have any obstructions hanging from your rearview mirror.

Whoa! That covers a lot of things that we keep there for specific reasons.

Most recently, these life-saving things.

Mick Haupt on UnSplash

Going to have to find a different way to catch those awesome dreams.

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Fuzzy dice. Not Cool


You know what's cool?

Not getting another fine you have to pay.


A police officer can, by law, make a traffic stop if he or she has a reasonable suspicion that an object suspended from or placed under the rearview mirror obstructs the driver’s view. Further, an object that constitutes a “material obstruction” can indeed be considered a violation of the vehicle code and, in some cases, a violation of the criminal code. What constitutes an “obstruction” is not always clear but depends on the testimony and evidence presented at a court hearing.

And while we're on the subject, don't be dumb and hang the garter you caught at the wedding, from your rearview mirror.


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