Holiday World & Splashin' Safari shifted back into weekends-only mode a couple of weeks ago as the new school year began for students across the area. Now, if you plan on spending a day at the park, you'll need to buy your tickets in advance as they will begin capping the number of guests inside beginning immediately.

The park announced the decision Monday morning, saying they "care deeply about your fun and safety." While they didn't say the decision was based specifically on the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the area as the Delta Variant continues to spread across the Tri-State, they did encourage keeping the recommended six-feet of social distance between other guests that are not part of your group while also recommending all guests wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. They also are asking guests to wash their hands frequently, and stay home if they're experiencing any COVID symptoms.

With many of their summer employees being high school students and in some cases, teachers looking to pick up some extra money over the summer, the park also announced they also "may need to rotate rides throughout the day or close some attractions for the entire day" due to unpredictability of their staffing situation. Meaning most of those employees are done for the year or have been asked by their schools or other employers to limit their exposure to others in an effort to prevent bringing COVID into their primary place of work or school.

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The updated admission policy means you'll need to plan ahead for your trip to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Tickets will not be available at the gate, so there's no waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and deciding to go. The only way to get tickets will be online through their Pick Your Date Calendar. With that said, it is possible that if you choose to go on a whim, single-day tickets could be available for that day.

Season ticket holders and anyone who won tickets through us will not need to plan in advance, as the park says those tickets are already included in their daily count.

For more information on the policy change, visit the Holiday World website.

[Source: Holiday World]

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