You will probably laugh at this, but I believe there is some real science at work in a map that claims Missouri hates Kansas and Illinois hates Indiana.

I found this gem browsing through fun stuff on Reddit. According to this share, the map was created based on a famous Instagram channel measuring how much "hate" each state shows for others. See if you agree with this.

Based on the legend at the bottom, more people in Missouri hate Kansas than any other. In Illinois, disdain is shown for neighbors to the east in Indiana. Sorry (not sorry), Hoosiers.

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It appears that Missouri's dislike for Kansas is returned by Kansas who just can't stand their Mizzou neighbors. As for Illinois, it's Minnesota that looks like it wants to take revenge. Guess they still haven't gotten over the 1985 Bears taking down their Vikings. Too bad so sad.

It has nothing to do with us, but I got a big laugh out of the 9 states that completely hate California. I've lived in that region and that's probably spot-on accurate.

It's a fun study that probably isn't as true as I'd like to thing. Feel free to check out the full Reddit thread as it's quite entertaining to read what everyone had to say about their least favorite states.

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