As a little girl, I always had a pretend husband named, are you ready for this, Quenton. Considering that my real husband is named Quenton, that’s crazy to think about. I know Quenton seems like a unique name and you're thinking, how did you ever come up with that name? The name came from a TV show that I would watch with my mom called, Dark Shadows. It was kind of a Twilight like soap opera with one of the main characters, a werewolf, named Quenton. Wanna hear something even more freaky? My husband’s mom watched the same show when she was a teenager and named my husband, Quenton, after the same character. Woah!

Even as a teenager. I would scope out cute guys wondering if their name was Quenton and could they possibly be my soulmate. I wondered what my Quenton/soulmate would look like. If the internet and Etsy had been around back then, I would have totally paid to have a psychic artist draw a picture of my future soulmate. I would have done it at 40 too, since after I divorced my first husband, I realized I still hadn’t found my Q. I wonder if the sketch would have been of a bald guy, with gorgeous blue eyes and a fantastic smile.

Quenton in Charcoal/ Grafite App by BeCasso/

BTW - the above drawing of my soulmate/Quenton is NOT one of the artist renderings. I did it with the Graphite app. I thought he might get a little upset if I sent away for a pic of my soulmate. What if it didn’t look like him? LOL

If you are still looking for your soulmate, there's a person on Etsy called The Psychic Artist that claims to be able to use their psychic abilities to not only see your future soulmate, but draw a sketch of them. Along with the sketch, you will also get a description of their personality emailed to you within 24 hours. All you need to do is  provide your name and birth date.

Etsy/The Psychic Artist/Diane

The Psychic Artist has over 1500 five star reviews and has sold over 60,000 sketches. After going viral, the artist was flooded with orders, so there is a wait list. But, for $66 your soulmate, at least a glimpse of them, is only a click away.

[SOURCE: Fox News]

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