You probably think that you can spot fake money with no problems. But counterfeiters have become quite clever with their printing.


Tell Me You Lost $200 Without Telling Me You Lost $200

If I spotted two hundred dollar bills on the ground, I would scoop them up. That is exactly what Holly Williams and her daughter did on Christmas Day. They found the money in the parking lot of the Princeton Applebee's. Holly did what she felt was the best thing to do, and that was to try and locate the owner.

After posting the info in a Facebook yard sale group, Holly quickly had the owner message her. Of course, she didn't say outright in the post what exactly had been found. The owner was able to describe the money and revealed that it was actually fake money.

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Was Holly Punked?

The owner of the prank money privately messaged Gibson County News & Talk and confessed that it was given as a prank gift. So, did they just toss it in the parking lot? Or were they hoping to pass the prank along to someone else?

In the spirit of Christmas, I suppose that we will just focus on the fact that Holly and her family did the right thing.

 But What if You Find Counterfeit Money?

You always want to examine money when you get the change back from a cashier. It is easy to get in a hurry and just toss the bills into your pocket or purse. I would highly recommend checking over the cash that you get from selling items on marketplace or local yard pages.

How Do The Money Pens Work?

If a cashier uses a counterfeit detector pen on your money, please don't be offended. You could've picked up a fake bill when another business gave you change. It's always important to look over paper money because people will unfortunately try and pull a fast one over on you.

Dri Mark Products sells counterfeit detector pens that businesses use to determine if paper money is real or fake.

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